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All eggs used on our menu are free range

Toasted Bagel     $8.50/$9.50
Served with cream cheese & jam or cream cheese & basil pesto.

Fresh Fruit Salad     $10.50
Pineapple, apple, orange, kiwifruit & banana served with natural yoghurt.

Bacon and Free Range Eggs     $15.50
Your choice of two poached, scrambled or fried eggs,
with a generous serve of bacon, served with toast.
Build your own breakfast by adding your choice of extras below.

Full Irish Breakfast     $23.50
Bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato, hash brown, black pudding & haggis served with toast and two eggs either poached, scrambled or fried.

Eggs Benedict
Two poached eggs served on toasted ciabatta with a creamy hollandaise and your choice of: Spinach $15.50
Smoked Salmon $22.50
Bacon $19.00

Baked Eggs     $18.50
Homemade baked beans with chick peas & spinach then topped with two craic’d eggs, baked in the oven in an individual casserole dish
and served with ciabatta bread. Add chorizo $4.00

3 Egg Omelette    $16.50
Made with free range eggs and your choice of 3 fillings:
Tomato, bacon, mushrooms, cheese, spinach, salami, red onion.

Homemade Roasted Nut & Dried Fruit Muesli     $14.00
A generous serve of homemade muesli with fresh fruit salad & natural yoghurt.

American Hot Cakes     $16.50
With bacon & banana served with maple syrup & cream OR fresh fruit & cream.
Children’s size hot cakes available for just $11.00

Optional Extras
Hash Brown                                      $2.00
Black Pudding                                  $4.00
Tomato                                              $2.50
Sausage                                            $3.50
Bacon                                                $5.00
Spinach                                             $3.00
Haggis                                               $4.00
Mushrooms                                        $3.00
Home Made Baked Beans                 $4.00
Multigrain Toast (2 slices)                   $4.00

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